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Our temporary employment division, Source Temps meets the demand from our clients and candidates for an agency which specialises in the supply of quality, experienced and skilled temps who want to work hard and who add value to the companies they work for.

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Temping provides the opportunity to work flexibly. Only work during school hours, take the summers off or take a break to do something else with your life. Either way, if you are a temp then it's your choice when and where you work. You are in control.

Why Temp for us?

There are many reasons why people decide to temp, or even make temping a career, for example…

  • If your CV needs a boost, temporary employment is the ideal way to add skills and experience.
  • Temping allows you to gain experience in the workplace and add skills to your CV.
  • You might be considering going back into employment after a break. Temping could be the ideal way to try different opportunities before committing yourself to a permanent position.
  • A temporary job can become a permanent position. If you join a company as a temp and prove your ability this can be a great way to secure a permanent position whilst minimising pressure for you and the company.
  • Our temps receive excellent rates of pay.
  • You can gain experience in industries that you may not have considered.
  • Perhaps you just like the variety and challenges of working at different places and meeting new people. Why not make temping a career?
  • If you have recently left College or University and are unsure which way to take your career then temping is a great way to experience an industry before you commit to a particular career path.
  • Temping is also popular with students who want to gain experience and save for the next year’s studies. If you want to temp during your holidays then just provide us with your dates and we will endeavor to have an assignment ready and waiting each time you return.
  • Whatever your situation, temping with Source Temps will prove to be a rewarding experience.


Whether you are looking for someone to hold the fort for the day, deliver a one-off project or wanting to recruit an entire seasonal workforce, you need strong skilled staff who add to the effectiveness of your organisation. There are many situations and eventualities where temps will significantly assist your company.

  • Temps can provide businesses with the flexibility to alleviate pressure on permanent staff
  • You will only be invoiced for hours your temp actually works. Temps are not entitled to bank holiday, sickness or annual holiday pay and therefore provide a cost-effective resource
  • Temps can provide immediate cover for sickness or compassionate leave or holidays, maternity, sabbatical and secondment
  • You could take on a candidate on a temporary basis before committing to offering them a permanent role
  • Frozen Headcount. Employing temps keeps the headcount of a company down, as the temp is employed under a ‘contract for services’ with Source Temps
  • Temps do not have a notice period and are only employed for the time they are needed
  • Temps are able to step in if you have a peak in workload or a special project that requires specific skills
  • You may wish to use a temp while you are searching for a permanent member of staff

Why use Source Temps?

  • We’ll only supply you with quality temps – and with your help we can prove it
  • For every week that a temp is working with you, we will ask you to sign a weekly timesheet as normal. However, we also want you to give your temp a score in five key areas depending on their performance that week. A mini appraisal.
  • This simple but innovative grading system will encourage temps to give you 100%. It will also enable us to obtain far more useful information regarding the temps’ actual performance than obtaining references alone.
  • This way we get relevant performance-related data each week and straight from the temp’s direct supervisor - it also means we can react quickly to any potential problems that may occur. Ultimately, this will ensure that we only present you with temps who are completely dedicated to the work they undertake and with a proven track record that you can actually review and rely on.
  • Of course, you can be assured of the usual professionalism, speed and thorough screening of candidates that you have come to expect from Source.
  • Source have a large number of temps available with a whole spectrum of specialist skills ranging from secretarial and administrative right through to qualified, senior professionals who are available to step into a role at short notice.
  • We conduct in-depth consultations with everyone who registers in order to establish the type of assignments that would be most suited to them. We then obtain all pre-employment checks including references, valid right to work, identification, proof of professional qualifications, basic police disclosure and all payroll related information.
  • Source Temps will deal with any management or disciplinary issues that arise and will be on hand to offer support to ensure our temps are happy and motivated. All temps are employed under a ‘Contract for services’ with Source Temps and so we take care of the payroll and quarterly returns, saving you administration time and costs. We also offer a weekly payroll service which is ideal for returning employees or students.
  • Source Temps charges an hourly, all-inclusive fee for our service and invoices are sent out on a weekly basis. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail please give us a call on 01481 701616 or email [email protected]

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